"I had the pleasure of working with Ric while he was Creative Director at Isobar Hong Kong. Ric is a true team player who can rally people together to produce great work. He's a passionate creative who's great at leading brainstorms and drawing the best ideas out of those he works with. Ric gives his all to every single project he works on and motivating and inspiring everyone around him. I thoroughly enjoyed Ric’s company in the office as a colleague, and outside work as a friend."
Ed Williams - General Manager, Isobar Hong Kong
"Whilst copy is his craft, ideas are what Ric is truly passionate about. I don't think a day went by that Ric didn't come to me with a new idea. He's constantly thinking about how to push the agency and our clients forward. This is what I love about him. His constant quest to create is highly contagious. He has an ability to rally people together to produce greatness."
Luke Eid - President, Digital Arts Network @TBWA​​​​​​​
"I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with Ric over the last few months. Just when you think you’re out of ideas, Ric is able to deliver and transform something ordinary to extraordinary. He not only excels in his ability to craft enticing & engaging copy, but also in his creative leadership and direction. He challenged us to think beyond what we thought was possible, and was able to motivate and inspire everyone around him. He’s certainly left an enormous impact on PassKit, our clients, and our culture. Anyone would be lucky to have him as part of their team."
Wendy Chan - Head of Product @PassKit
"Richard is a very good guy. He showed very good potential during his time at RB. A large degree of interns always reckon they know everything. Not Richard. Richard WANTED to know everything. He would get down and dirty, analyse everything and tackle every brief with enthusiasm and deliver some great ideas.
He was a pleasure to have around and clearly showed he has what it takes to be a top copywriter. I've no doubt that he'll do well."
Alan Stobie - Creative Director @Robson Brown
"Ric is a true team player who looks to find solutions to problems, even problems that don't belong to him! He's a creative thinker/writer who's great to lean on at times of a quick turn-around situation with an end result equal to a long lead time"
Dean Dezius - Former Vice President, Entertainment Channels @FOX
"I had the pleasure to work with Ric on a few different projects. It is fun and very efficient collaboration. Endless ideas for existing or potential future brands make Ric one of the best brainstorm contributors and team player I have met.

Ric is extremely passionate about his work and is always pushing for the best solution at any point of the project.
I really love to work with him."
Dennys Hess - Senior Art Director @TBWA
"I worked together with Ric on numerous projects during my time at TBWA, pitching clients and creative proposals. He is imaginative, constructive and a good listener. Strongly dedicated to his work, Ric is a true motivational team player and always up for an extra brainstorm session to make a good idea GREAT. Savvy about digital advertising and up to date with the latest trends, he is the perfect tandem for an art-based creative like me. Love the English sense of humour!"
Marion Charreyre - Digital Creative Director @TBWA
"Ric has a great ability to think truly creatively to solve the problems we face on a regular basis for FIC’s clients. Not afraid to have big ideas and never looking to replicate the past are two of the key strengths he brings to the table. Working with my team in research; Ric is extremely collaborative and seeks consumer insight that will aid his creative process and deliver a grounded solution that both looks good and is effective."
Martyn Uren - Vice President, Research @FOX
"Ric remains one of the most dedicated, zealous and creative colleagues that I've had the pleasure to work with.

He knows what works for clients at the back of his hand and is able to come up with bespoke, unique concepts at the drop of a hat.

Ric's professional work ethic and passion makes him a highly valuable contributor to any organisation fortunate enough to secure his services."
Joy Su - Sales Manager @FOX
"Professor Richard Dunn was my professor for Copywriting at Savannah College of Art and Design Hong Kong. Throughout the course he instructed I have come to know him quite well and learnt plentiful, therefore allowing me to comment on some aspects of his teaching and advising.

Professor Dunn is a great instructor, sharing his knowledge and past experience on any part of our industry (advertising) as well as life. He is always available to answer questions and shows great interest in students’ work, giving us constructive feedback and realistic critiques. In the classroom, Professor Dunn prepares us as best he can for the real world by equipping us with the right knowledge. Though this is a skill many great professors have, it does not shed enough light on what Professor Dunn is as a professor.

I can say that he truly wants the best from his students as he advises us individually on what we need to work on and what books we should read in order for us to grow individually. Outside of the class, Professor Dunn is always there to help run through ideas with us. Whether it may be for a class or for outside freelance works that we have.

Some teach because it is the end of their career, and some because they have always wanted to do so. With Professor Dunn, you can tell that he wants to teach because he knows that Advertising is a forever-growing industry and change is always happening. He wants to help that change, contribute to our industry and make all his students be the change of our industry.

I personally have learnt a great deal in copywriting from what Professor Dunn has shared. I sincerely hope that he would be able to reach out to other young professionals in our industry and that more will benefit from what he has to share."
Devonne - Student @SCAD
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