My first major task after joining the team was to rebrand the agency for a new era of innovation and storytelling.
I led several stakeholder workshops, internal discussions, and branding exercises, and guided the company towards "CRAZY. POSSIBLE." 
More than just a tagline, this was a complete rebrand that is still evolving and growing to this day across all touchpoints.
I'm very proud to have brought this to life.

We thrive in a dual state.
More than merely one thing, we are many.
A digital agency and a games studio.
Delivering inspiration and execution.
We are playful and professional.
With expertise and experience.
A partner that is more than comfortable with crazy.
In fact, we make crazy possible.

If you can’t quite explain what you want 
or it’s never been done before, 
you’re in the right place. 
As the leading production company for indescribable content and experiential storytelling, we’re comfortable with crazy. 
In fact, we make it possible.
"Duality" brough to life in headshots
"Duality" brough to life in headshots

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